How to Increase School Spirit

Whether you are a teacher, principal, or guidance counselor, you may sometimes wonder how you can improve the level of spirit and unity at your school. School spirit can be useful for cultivating an environment of positivity, strengthening student relationships, and building a sense of excitement for upcoming events. If you are looking for ways to increase your institution’s school spirit, here are some ideas.

Create a New Tradition

Most schools have many existing traditions. These likely include things like dances, class trips, service projects, and many other things. Even colleges and universities will have many traditions such as Dartmouth’s Winter Carnival or Purdue’s Grand Prix.

However, an excellent way to build school spirit is not just to partake in existing traditions but to create a new one. This is a great way to engage students’ creativity and enthusiasm. Perhaps the senior class officers or a student council group can take the lead. Making this a student-driven endeavor can also help students get some practice with decision-making and leadership skills.

Branded School Spirit Swag

A great way to increase school spirit is to give students a greater opportunity to showcase it at school and to the greater community. Branded swag is an excellent way to do this in an affordable manner. You may even be surprised at the wide number of things you are able to put your school’s logo, colors, or name on.

Popular items for inexpensive branded school swag include stickers, keychains, USB drives, towels, and sports-themed items. Branded swag can be a great thing to give out to students at special events, homecoming, or before a big game.

Recognize the School’s History

While there are some schools that are relatively new, many schools have an extensive history. Recognizing this history is a great way to help students learn about their school while creating a sense of commonality between them. From showcasing old photographs to celebrating significant milestones, this is an interesting way to raise school spirit.

One way that many schools do this is by recognizing the founding date or birthday of their school with a small celebration. There is something about celebrating the past that can bring people together and create a renewed sense of excitement for the future as well.

Spirit Fridays

Many companies have embraced casual Fridays where staff are permitted to dress down in jeans. Schools can increase school spirit with a similar tactic by embracing Spirit Fridays. While this is particularly effective for schools that have dress codes on other days, any school can generate buzz with this idea.

Simply encourage students to dress in school clothing or colors on Fridays. You can even help facilitate this by providing students with options as either gifts or by selling them to the student body. We have a wide variety of branded clothing items such as polo shirts, t-shirts, hats, and more. You’re surely to find items your students will love.