5 Benefits of Using Branded Products to Promote Your Business

Everyone wants to leverage the power of their brand. Whether you are a small business just starting out or a larger company wanting to improve exposure, promoting your business is something you want to dedicate time towards. Fortunately, there are many ways to strengthen your brand. One of the easiest ways is to invest in branded products as promotional items.

Cost Effectiveness

There are many different ways in which you can advertise your business. All of these have a cost to them. Things like television commercials are quite expensive both in terms of production cost and cost to air. Other things like newspaper and magazine ads are great if you have graphic design skills. Online advertisements can be very inexpensive but often have low results.

Branded products are a great, cost-efficient way to reach a lot of people. Depending on what items you select, you can get a lot for just a few bucks per item. This means that people with have your company’s logo on an item as a constant reminder of your business, making your advertising budget go a bit farther.

Generate New Leads

Having branded products is a great way to help generate new leads as well. In addition to the customers that you give them out to, many other people will see them if you choose the right products. The key to reaping this benefit is to pick a product that will have high visibility.

For example, branded products such as hats and clothing are great giveaways to staff and will allow your logo to be seen anywhere they are worn. Things like pens often exchange hands quite a bit. Other things like golf towels may be great items for generating new leads at specific places.

Long-Term Brand Exposure

How would you like to run a magazine ad that someone sees repetitively for two years? Branded products can achieve this mission. A survey found that roughly 60% of people will keep branded promotional products for at least two years. This means your company is getting continued visibility each time someone uses your promotional item.

This can be enhanced in situations where you choose items that people will often use. USB drives are a great idea for something that is valuable to people. Nice-looking items of clothing are also good choices. Something like a stress ball may be a fun item that gets a home on someone’s work desk.

Creates Customer Loyalty

Everyone enjoys getting something for free, particularly when that something is seen as valuable. Promotional branded products are great to giveaway to customers and can help increase their loyalty to your business by strengthening relationships. In fact, nearly nine out of ten people who receive a branded product do business with the company again.

Again, one of the keys to success is finding items that your customers will find useful. Different types of wearables are very popular. Or things like magnets, drinkware, calendars, and even housewares can get a lot of use too. Choosing a meaningful branded item will improve effectiveness and loyalty.

Increases Consumer Confidence

If your brand doesn’t currently have an extensive amount of visibility, customers may be more hesitant to give you a try. One method of addressing this problem is through giving out promotional branded products.

As people begin to see your logo or slogan in more places, it will subconsciously create a sense of trust. You will go from a new brand to one that is more recognized. This is a subtle but consistent way of building brand recognition and helping new customers overcome any doubts about giving you a try.

Ready to Embrace the Benefits of Branded Products?

If you are ready to get the benefits of utilizing branded promotional products, take a look at the wide variety of options that we offer. You are sure to find the perfect thing for your employees or customers that can help increase your visibility and marketing throughout your business area.