Day Owl Slim 14" Computer Backpack

Item No. 9007-03

Sale Price $129.99

The Day Owl Slim 14" Computer Backpack Backpack is minimal on the outside, functional on the inside, sustainable all around. Designed for lighter, leaner days, the Slim Backpack carries just what you need, and nothing more. The Day Owl backpack is designed to carry you through your day, wherever it may take you. Every detail and material have been carefully curated to create the most functional backpack made in the most sustainable way. This backpack features a padded laptop pocket that fits up to a 14” laptop and a spill-resistant bottle pocket fits up to 750ml water bottles. The floating top pocket is perfect for glasses, lip balm, or other small items while the flat front pocket is great for your wallet, pens and stylus, or your reusable straw and cutlery kit.

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